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Allflight Corp Recognized as 2023 Top FAA Repair Station

Infinity Air Group's Allflight Corp recognized as a 2023 Top FAA Repair Station  by Aerospace and Defense Review Magazine.

Aerospace Defense & Review Magazine recently recognized Infinity Air Group’s Allflight Corp. as their 2023 Top FAA Repair Station.

In their feature, Infinity Air Group: Collaboration Leads to Transformation in Aviation Operations,” Aerospace Defense & Review highlighted the unique partnership between Allflight Corp. and Infinity Air, Inc.

Infinity Air, Inc. and Allflight Corp. line logo

The article starts, “Like wings in harmony, Allflight Corp. and Infinity Air, Inc. have joined forces to propel Infinity Air Group, an aviation service provider soaring above its competitors with unparalleled client services. They offer clients cost-effective and reliable end-to-end solutions, combining Allflight’s MRO expertise and intellectual property division with Infinity Air, Inc.’s vast multi-ATA Chapter inventory and asset procurement and management services.”

Sampling of Allflight and Infinity Air, Inc's products and services: transparencies rebuild, MRO, inventory procurement and management.
Providing the best value & service in repair, manufacturing, asset management, & procurement.

At Infinity Air Group, the client’s needs are the top priority. Through collaboration and constant communication, Allflight Corp. and Infinity Air, Inc. ensure clients across the aviation and aerospace industry receive innovative and efficient solutions tailored to their business needs.

Group photo of some of FAA 145 Repair Station Allflight's team
A handful of the Seattle-based Allflight team pose for a group photo in the FAA 145 #PK3R654Y facility.

We are proud and grateful to have our one-of-a-kind value proposition recognized with this honor. Thank you!

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