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Aviation Soccer Tournament: Forging Relationships & Inspiring Future Aviation Professionals

Infinity Air, Inc. is proud to have once again been a sponsor of the annual Aviation Soccer Tournament over St. Patrick’s Day weekend, March 17-19, 2023. Now in its fourth year (not including a pandemic-induced hiatus in 2021), the tournament has grown steadily from 12 teams and 200 attendees in 2019 to 30 teams and 1,500 attendees this year. Teams from various airlines traveled from as far away as Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, and other countries to play in the tournament.

This fun and inclusive event was born from one industry veteran’s desire to help others in aviation connect and build the relationships they need to succeed. Connie Bahamon is a woman passionate about building bridges and making space for others.

Two aviation executives pose in front of Infinity Air Group's booth at the Aviation Soccer Tournament in Miami, Florida's Amelia Earhart Park
Connie Bahamon, CEO of Aviation Soccer Tournament & Dreams Multimedia, poses with Angie Taborda, Business Development Executive, Infinity Air, Inc., in front of the Infinity Air Group booth during the Aviation Soccer Tournament, March 17-19, 2023.

“Over my twenty-year aviation career,” Connie shares, “I’ve learned that one of the best ways to do business and get customers is to get everyone together, having fun in a relaxed and joyous atmosphere. I wanted to create that kind of space specifically for the Miami area. There are hundreds of aviation companies in South Florida. I felt we needed an event to connect and network that was uniquely ours. The Aviation Soccer Tournament is exactly that.”

Encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response, Connie has already identified ways to grow the tournament's impact. Connie understands the importance of access and visibility, having worked hard to carve her path as a woman in a male-dominated industry over two decades. Through Aviation Soccer Tournament—the company she runs with her son Daniel—Connie is launching an educational and outreach program to “inspire young people and professionals from other industries to get into aviation.” The program will highlight the many opportunities available, especially for women. “We need pilots and mechanics, yes. But there are so many other options! I, for example, have worked in sales and marketing. There are countless ways to make your mark in aviation.”

Jimmy Wu, President & CEO, Infinity Air Group, poses with tournament cheerleaders and some of the Spirit Airlines soccer team.
Jimmy Wu, President & CEO, Infinity Air Group, poses with tournament cheerleaders and some of the Spirit Airlines soccer team.

We at Infinity Air, Inc. are delighted to be part of such a great initiative and are excited to see the program grow. In the words of our President & CEO, Jimmy Wu: “Connie’s efforts are paving the way for future generations of women to pursue careers in aviation, and we applaud her dedication and commitment to the industry.”

We look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s Aviation Soccer Tournament.


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