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ATA Chapters

Our Senior management team has over 100 years of combined structural repair and overhaul experience on all Boeing and Airbus Aircraft. Whether you require a simple hot bond composite repair or a full metal bond rebuild, Allflight Corporation provides total material solutions to our customers world-wide. Inbound rotables are carefully disassembled and precisely reassembled in accordance with OEM and industry specifications. During the return-to-service restoration process, our clients can expect advanced quality repairs as they are exacted to our class-leading standard.

Airtransport OEM

De Havilland

ATA Chapters

including the repair of Plenums, Chamber Air Plenums, Plenum Chamber Assembly Ducts, Diffuser Assembly Ducts and Door Assembly Plenums

including Flight & Passenger Compartment, Lavatories, Galley Ovens, Coffee Makers and Emergency Equipment

including structural repair and overhaul of Aileron, Rudder, Elevators, Horizontal Stabilizers and Flaps for all Airbus and Boeing aircraft

including the repair and overhaul of Landing Gear Doors, Emergency Exit Doors and Passenger and Crew Doors for all Airbus and Boeing aircraft

including the overhaul, repair and testing of Vacuum Toilet Assemblies manufactured by Monogram, Envirovac and Rogerson.

including structural repairs and overhaul of Horizontal and Vertical Stabilizers, Elevator and Rudder for Airbus and Boeing aircraft

including the overhaul and repair Flight and Passenger Compartment Windows as well as Door Windows

including the repair and overhaul of Spoilers, Center and Outer Wings, Leading and Trailing Edge and Wing Tip for both Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

including the overhaul and repair of Cowlings and Thrust Reverser Nacelle Assemblies manufactured by GE, Aero Engine International, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce and Grumman